What is semi-potted power supply

MIJI semi-potted power supply is a power supply that uses semi-potting technology to seal, refuse moisture and dust, and prevent short circuits. The semi-potting process design also improves the insulation strength of the power supply, and has a wide range of use environment, such as salty, damp, hot areas and coastal cities. Also, MIJI semi-potted have more than two years warranty to protect your lighting project.

Potting is a method of protecting electronic components and assemblies with a protective resin.

The process involves:

1.Filling a shell or “pot”, containing a component, with resin
2.Pouring a liquid compound into the pot, filling it and covering the PCB and the structure completely
3.Solidifying the liquid
4.Encasing the circuit board inside the pot

Potting protects against:

Moisture and exposure
Shock and vibration
Air and moisture
Noisy parts and components sensitive to EMI
Damage from water and impacts
Chemical influences

Potting has several benefits, including:

Improving the insulation strength of the power supply
Preventing short circuits
Not affecting heat dissipation
Removing the harmful impact of air and moisture from the maintenance, reliability, and longevity equation
Protecting noisy parts and components sensitive to EMI
Increasing product durability and safety


Outdoor LED Lighting Systems: Semi-potted power supplies can be used in outdoor LED lighting projects such as street lighting, architectural lighting for buildings, or landscape lighting where protection against weather conditions like rain, humidity, and temperature changes is necessary while maintaining access for maintenance or upgrades.

Traffic Signal Systems: Power supplies in traffic signal systems could be semi-potted to safeguard against moisture, dust, and vibrations while allowing access for repairs or replacements when needed.

Industrial Control Systems: In various industrial control systems, particularly those exposed to harsh environments like factories or manufacturing plants, semi-potted power supplies might be utilized to protect against dust, vibrations, and moderate moisture while retaining accessibility for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Outdoor Electronic Signage: Applications involving outdoor electronic signage, billboards, or displays often use semi-potted power supplies to shield against environmental factors while enabling easier repair or replacement of components if necessary.

Public Infrastructure Projects: Certain public infrastructure projects like bridge lighting, building façade lighting, or park illumination might use semi-potted power supplies to protect against external elements while allowing for maintenance and repairs without extensive disassembly.

Below MIJI semi-potted rainproof power supply for your selection
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