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The quality control department at MIJI Electronics plays a crucial role in building a competitive advantage through effective quality management practices. By ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, we strive to exceed customer expectations and deliver superior electronic devices.

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Quality Assurance

MIJI maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certification with an accredited certification body, affirming our commitment to producing high-quality switching power supplies. We prioritize customer satisfaction by anticipating their needs and requirements. Through setting and reviewing objectives, as well as continuously improving our Quality Management System, we strive to exceed customer expectations.

All of our employees go above and beyond, providing exceptional customer service to both internal coworkers and external integrators and end users.

With the implementation of our Quality Management System policies and procedures, each department within MIJI is harmonized to ensure a unified mindset. This efficient approach allows us to fulfill customer requirements accurately and effectively.


Quality compliance is a top priority for us at MIJI. To ensure that every lot meets our high standards, we have implemented a comprehensive quality plan. As an ISO 9001 certified company, our in-house quality assurance professionals undergo extensive training to maintain the highest levels of expertise.

With advanced inspection technology and precise metrology tools, our team of ASQ Certified Technicians gathers highly accurate data. Upon request, we promptly share this data with our customers.

We offer mechanical inspections using cutting-edge CMM (coordinate measuring machine), hardness testing, thread gauging, electronic document control, digital calipers & micrometers, lot traceability, process capability studies, gauge R&R studies, and exceptional inspection accuracy up to 0.00005″ (0.001mm).

Ensuring the Quality of Procured Products

To ensure effective business management, MIJI places great importance on the quality of our suppliers. We have implemented a quality assurance agreement with our key suppliers to uphold and enhance the standard of the products we procure. This agreement outlines our concept of quality assurance and specific requirements. Through collaboration between our procurement, quality, and engineering departments, we conduct regular audits on our suppliers based on the nature and significance of the products procured.These audits focus on various aspects such as the supplier’s quality control systems, manufacturing processes, quality testing, and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

In addition to audits, we also establish clear communication channels with our suppliers to ensure timely and accurate information exchange. This includes regular meetings to discuss any concerns, resolve issues, and provide feedback on product quality.

Disclosure of Quality Information

Disclosure of Quality Information

If we discover any quality-related problems that could potentially affect customer safety, our topmost priority is to promptly notify all customers and share the information on MIJI’s website and other communication channels.

As for other quality-related matters, such as updates on utilized components, we will strictly comply with the terms outlined in our agreements with customers, applicable laws and regulations (including Export Trade Control Order), and similar obligations to furnish this information.

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