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Our team at Weho Electric consists of highly skilled professionals in production design who are dedicated to transforming your concepts into extraordinary projects. Combining our exceptional talent and unparalleled creativity, we strive to deliver outstanding results.

Key Considerations For Power Relay Product Design

Designing power relays requires careful consideration of multiple factors for safe and reliable operation. The power rating, contact configuration, voltage and current ratings, coil voltage, and thermal considerations are all crucial. By addressing these factors, one can create power relays that meet specific application requirements while ensuring reliability and optimal performance.

We have established a highly efficient system for developing power adapters, chargers, power relays. Our company is proud to have an innovative Research and Development department that acts as a bridge between global trends in the electronic industry and our clients’ go-to-market strategy.

This collaboration allows us to integrate manufacturing technologies and ideas with our expertise, resulting in cutting-edge products that are in high demand. We actively gather insights from various sources and share new achievements within our organization, ensuring that our R&D activities are streamlined and impactful.

Key Considerations


With a collective experience of more than two decades, our team of professionals specializes in the manufacturing and setup of power relays.


Our company values the establishment of strong partnerships with a diverse clientele. We understand the importance of nurturing long-term relationships that foster continuous growth and progress.


Our company is committed to delivering on every promise we make. We possess extensive knowledge and expertise, enabling us to overcome any challenges that may arise throughout your project.

Testing And Quality Assurance: Ensuring Reliability And Efficiency

Power relay integration is crucial for reliable power transfer and control. Rigorous testing and quality assurance practices are essential. This involves selecting relays that meet system requirements, conducting extensive performance tests, and documenting the process. These practices identify faults and ensure relays can handle high voltage, current, and temperature fluctuations. By implementing these practices, electrical systems can benefit from improved reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Testing And Quality

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