How to install rainproof power supply

As most rainproof power supply is installing at outdoor, therefor install have strict requirement. If installed improperly, the power supply will be damaged and the LED light will not light up, causing the entire LED project to fail.

Firstly, the most important its must be installed vertically and the wiring terminals downwards, because most of rainproof power supply are use cover shell to prevent rainwater from entering. Once water enters, it will cause the PCB board to short-circuit and burn out the power supply.

Secondly, for the heat dissipation, distance of 10cm from 4 sides (up/down/right/left) and 5cm from the ventilation hole side should be kept.

Third, during installing, please according to wire connecting sketch map on the product label to do wire connection. The “Nā€ and “l line on the sketch map means the Neutral line and the Live line. The “Eā€ is for Earth line, the “+ā€ is outgoing positive pole, the”_ā€ is outgoing negative pole.

Forth, ensure that all driver wire connections are correct after the product is installed and that
heat dissipation is properly addressed within the fixture. Ensure the wiring connections are airtight and waterproof. Only after these requirements are sufficiently met can the driver be operated

you can download installation instruction at support or contact us for technical support. Thanks

HS Semi-potted series, IP52
QS engineer rainproof series,
JT economy rainproof series,
YD slim rainproof series