How to choose led display screen power supply

Power supply is the source of power for every electronic product, and so is the power supply for LED display. If a poor power supply is selected when purchasing LED display, it will not only affect the normal use of LED display, but also likely damage the LED display, causing incalculable losses, so it is particularly important to select a good power supply for LED display. MIJI LED will tell you how to choose LED display power supply 2023? And how to choose different series

1.Voltage and Current Requirements:

Voltage: Global voltage 90-260V and 200-240V input voltage, matching the requirements of your LED display screen, and output voltage, MIJI LED display power supply only 5V output type.

Current (Amps): Determine the current requirements of your LED display screen. The power supply should provide equal or higher current than the display’s requirements to ensure it operates properly. MIJI LED have 20A, 40A, 60A for your selection.

2.Power Rating:

Choose a power supply with a rating higher than your calculated value to provide some margin for stability and safety. Check your display project how many display screen module use, usually 40A power supply can use 12pcs P10 module.

3.Connector Type and Polarity:

Check the connector type and polarity of both the power supply and your LED display screen. They should match to ensure a proper connection.

4.Quality and Reliability:

MIJI a high-quality, reliable power supply from a reputable manufacturer. Cheap or poorly made power supplies can damage your LED display screen and pose safety hazards.

5.Safety Certifications:

Look for power supplies that have safety certifications such as UL, CE, or RoHS. These certifications indicate that the product meets certain safety and environmental standards. MIJI LED have CE certificated.


Higher efficiency means less energy is wasted as heat, which can prolong the lifespan of the power supply and reduce energy costs, MIJI 5V power supply efficiency are higher than 89%.

7.Overload and Short Circuit Protection:

MIJI power supply with built-in overload and short circuit protection. These features help protect your LED display screen from damage in case of power fluctuations or electrical issues.

8.Size and Form Factor:

The size and form factor of the power supply, especially if space is limited. Some power supplies are designed to be compact and can fit into tight spaces, we have super slim type (thickness only 20mm) and normal slim (thickness 30mm).

9.Warranty and Customer Support:

MIJI led display screen power supply all with two years warranty. Defective or broken items will be sent replacement in new order. MIJI LED with good customer support, and 24hours online service.

HA-5V 100W
HA-5V 200W Single color
HB-5V 200W Full color
HB-5V 300W Full color
HC-5V 200W Wide input voltage