How to Choose LED Display Power Supply?

LED display power supply is an important part of the power supply system to provide, choose a qualified and reliable power supply, led display energy-saving effect and service life are obvious to enhance the effect, then how to correctly identify and choose a qualified led display power supply?

1). Look at the appearance of the process to choose the led display power supply. A good power supply manufacturer, its workmanship is also very strict, because this can guarantee the consistency of the product batch.

An irresponsible manufacturer, the production of power supplies its appearance, tin surface, the neatness of the arrangement of components * will not be good.




2). Select the led display power supply from the full-load efficiency. The efficiency of the power supply is an important indicator, the high efficiency of the power supply energy conversion rate is high, so that both attached to the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also can save power and money for the user.

3). Constant-voltage power supply output voltage ripple is large. The size of the ripple has a very large impact on the life of power equipment, the smaller the ripple the better.

4). Observe the temperature rise of us led power supply to choose the led display power supply. Temperature rise affects the stability and life of the power supply, the lower the temperature rise, the better the temperature rise. In addition, the efficiency can also be seen, the general efficiency of high-temperature rise will be small.

5). Due to the properties of led display products, the playback of video or screen usually produces instantaneous changes in current, which puts forward more stringent requirements for the led power converter. Usually, to ensure the normal broadcast of the display screen, the power supply products need to set aside a certain amount of margin.

In a general sense, the more margin reserved, the more stable the performance of the led driver power supply products, the longer the life, but this increases the cost of power supply products, too much margin reserved also easy to cause waste. Currently, the industry’s led display power supply is generally reserved for 20% – 30% of the margin.

6). To make the life of the power supply grow, it is recommended to use a 30% more output power rating of the model. For example, if the system requires a 100W power supply, it is recommended to select a model with an output power rating greater than 130W, and so on to effectively enhance the life of the power supply.

7). According to the application field choose the power supply of various functions, such as protection functions: over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection, etc.; application functions: signal function, remote control function, telemetry function, parallel function, etc.; special features: power factor correction (PFC), uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

5V power supply is widely used in LED display and some other conditions in which 5V should be applied. As one of the main equipment of LED display, LED display power supply is playing such an extraordinarily important role for LED display that it is a decisive factor for the success of displaying.

A lot of studies have proved that far more than 80% of the faults in the process of displaying are caused by the power supply. Therefore, choosing a power supply severs is one of the most significant segments in the whole project.

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