How slim led power supply use for home decor

MIJI slim LED power supplies are often used in home decor to provide power to LED light strips or other low-voltage LED fixtures. These power supplies are designed to be compact and easy to conceal, making them suitable for various lighting applications. Here’s how you can use a slim LED power supply for home decor:

Under Cabinet Lighting:

A cabinet power supply Install LED light strips under kitchen cabinets or shelves to add task lighting to your workspace. Conceal the slim power supply in a cabinet or behind a decorative panel.

Cove Lighting:

Use LED strips in coves or recessed areas to create ambient lighting. The slim power supply can be hidden in the cove or mounted discreetly nearby.

Accent Lighting:

Illuminate specific features or architectural elements in your home, such as artwork, niches, or architectural details. The slim power supply allows for a clean and unobtrusive installation.


Add backlighting behind TVs, mirrors, or headboards using LED strips. The slim power supply can be tucked away behind the object being illuminated, for example bathroom with sensor touch can make LED light on/off by your hand touch.

Stair Lighting:

Install LED strips along stair risers for safety and aesthetics. The slim power supply can be mounted out of sight, ensuring a neat appearance, if connect with sensor controller, once a person approaches, the light will flash according to the person’s footsteps.

Floating Shelves:

Enhance the look of floating shelves by installing LED strips underneath them. Conceal the slim power supply within or behind the shelves.

Closet Lighting:

Illuminate closets or wardrobe spaces with LED strips. The slim power supply can be installed within the closet or in an adjacent space.

Mood Lighting:

A dimmer slim power supply creates a specific ambiance in a room by using LED strips for mood lighting. Conceal the power supply to maintain a seamless and elegant look. Connect with Intelligent dimming power supply can adjust color an brightness.

Installation Tips:

Follow MIJI LED guidelines for installation and ensure that the LED strip and power supply are compatible.
Use cable clips or adhesive clips to secure the LED strips in place.
Plan the placement of the power supply to ensure easy access for maintenance if needed.
Make sure that people can’t easy touch, as high voltage may hurt people.
Conceal wiring where possible for a clean and polished appearance.
Always prioritize safety when working with electrical components, and if you’re unsure about the installation process, consider consulting a professional electrician or contact MIJI LED. Additionally, make sure that the slim LED power supply is suitable for the specific LED strip or lighting fixture you plan to use.

Here below some type slim power supply for your choosing:
Pencil slim LED power supply
Home decor slim LED power supply
Super slim LED power supply for lighting box.