How rainproof power supply work for LED signage

A rainproof power supply is a power supply that is specifically labeled as “waterproof” or “rainproof” and can withstand exposure to water, rain, and other moisture-related elements. When choosing a rainproof power supply, you can consider things like the power rating, project budget, voltage output, build quality and install usage environment.

The most keywords its “Economy”, which rainproof power supply price are half then waterproof power supply, Therefore, a lot of costs can be saved in the production of LED advertisements and luminous characters. Here below most man market it is.  

Main market for it is in Asia, the Middle East, and regions in the country where AC220V is used. Huge quantity selling at India, Iran, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Iraq, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Bangladesh etc.

Rainproof power supply most are used for LED signage, LED strip, LED pixel, LED module, LED control, LED dimmer, LED display, LED driver, channel letter, Illuminated Signs, LED LOGO, RGB LED, LED Fixture, LED Spotlight, LED Cabinet Light, LED Display Screen, LED Decorative Lights, LED Projector Light, LED Light Box, LED Landscape Lighting, LED Ceiling Light, LED Sign, LED Neon Lights, LED Outdoor Billboard, LED Wall Sconce, LED Strip Controller, LED Advertising Lightbox, LED Stage Lighting, LED Pathway Lights, LED Outdoor Cinema Screen, LED Indoor Decorative Lights, LED Night Light, LED Explosion-proof Light, LED Floodlight, LED Strip Extension Cable, LED Commercial Fixtures, LED Information Display, LED Strip Connector, LED Roof Light, LED Trade Show Lighting, LED Installation Art, LED Office Lighting, LED Plaza Lights, LED Waterproof Light, LED Shop Window Lights.

Here below we have some rainproof power supply series for your reference:

HS Semi-potted series, IP52
QS engineer rainproof series,

JT economy rainproof series,

YD slim rainproof series