How many item rainproof power supply

all kinds of led rainproof power supply

DC 5V /12V /24V

The choice of power supply voltage for LED light sources mainly depends on the operating voltage and current requirements of the LEDs. Common power supplies for LED light sources include:

  • 5V power supply: Often used for small LED light strips, LED modules, and some low-power LED luminaires. For example, LED pixel light, LED display light, USB-powered LED light strips typically use a 5V power supply.

  • 12V power supply: One of the most common power supplies for LED luminaires, suitable for medium-sized LED light strips, automotive LED lights, and some household LED lighting fixtures, and most popular its 12V 400W power supply.

  • 24V power supply: Used for high-power LED luminaires, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, and some special applications such as outdoor landscape lighting and bridge lighting project.

These are the most common power supply voltages in LED lighting applications. The specific choice depends on the design and performance requirements of the LED luminaires, as well as the power and brightness requirements in actual application scenarios.