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MIJI Customer Service is here to provide solutions and answers tailored to your needs. Whether you have questions about specific orders, return policies, or delivery times, our team of professionals can assist you.

Our Commitment To Customers

7-14 Days of Delivery Service

MIJI has achieved all the internationally recognized certifications, including ISO9001 quality management system, TUV, CE, PSE, KC, ROHS and UL. We maintain an extensive inventory of 1000 different products and are dedicated to providing a 7-14 day delivery service for our standard power supplies.

Free Sample

We provide free samples for our potential customers. This allows them to try our products and see if they like them before they make a purchase. We believe that this is the best way to show our potential customers the quality of our products.

2 Years Warranty

For MIJI power supplies, we offer a standard warranty according to the specifications stated in the datasheet. If any damage occurs within this period, WEHO will cover any repair or replacement charges. Please note that if the warranty has expired, there may be a fee associated with repairs (depending on product condition).

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