Advantages of MIJI Semi-Potted LED Power Supplies for Outdoor Lighting

In recent years, the LED outdoor lighting market has experienced rapid growth, leading to an increase in the scale of the LED power supply market. Alongside this growth, competition within the LED power supply industry has intensified, with price competition becoming particularly fierce. To meet market demands, MIJI has introduced semi-potted LED power supplies as a cost-effective solution. In comparison to waterproof power supplies of the same wattage, MIJI semi-potted power supplies are nearly half the price, offering excellent value for money. So, what are the specific advantages of MIJI semi-potted LED power supplies?

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Advantages of MIJI Semi-Potted LED Power Supplies:

  1. Higher Protection Level:
    MIJI semi-potted LED power supplies offer a higher level of protection compared to conventional waterproof coatings. With all pins sealed using silicone gel, these power supplies can continue to operate even if a small amount of water enters the interior.

  2. Better Dust Protection:
    The airborne powder protection level of MIJI semi-potted LED power supplies exceeds that of three-proof coatings. Accumulation of dust inside LED power supplies can lead to localized short circuits when exposed to moisture. However, with high-insulation silicone sealing on all pins, MIJI semi-potted power supplies can function normally even after being exposed to moisture.

  3. Stronger Insect Resistance:
    LED power supplies are prone to attracting insects, which can cause component short circuits and damage. However, with fully insulated component pins, MIJI semi-potted power supplies prevent insect-related issues such as short circuits.

  4. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance:
    Particularly effective in coastal areas prone to heavy salt spray, MIJI semi-potted LED power supplies feature fully sealed pins that can withstand long-term use in such environments.

  5. Durable Aluminum Housing:
    MIJI semi-potted power supplies come with full aluminum shell brackets, ensuring longevity and secure installation, thus enhancing safety.

In summary, MIJI semi-potted LED power supplies offer several advantages, making them a preferred choice for outdoor lighting projects. With features like synchronous rectification, conversion efficiency exceeding 90%, low-temperature control, high power output, and a lifespan of over five years, these power supplies provide reliable support for illumination projects.