2024 LED Sign China Exhibition

2024 sign China Feb exhibition

Our Sales team

With 19 years of experience in LED switch power supply production, we have been committed to providing excellent products and services to our customers. This year, we were thrilled to participate in the latest SIGN CHINA exhibition, showcasing an array of exciting new product releases.

Exhibition photos

Iran customer
Iran customer
India custoemr
Iran customer
Aluminum new design
5V 350W rainproof power
12V 400W new design
Semi-potted new design

successful projects & satisfied customers.


During the exhibition, we presented several eye-catching products, including semi-potting rainproof power supply, waterproof power supply, slim strip lightbox power supply, full aluminum shell rainproof power supply, and power supplies specifically designed for 5V displays, among others. These new products not only represent our ongoing innovation efforts but also demonstrate our attention to and understanding of diverse customer needs.

Throughout the exhibition, we had the privilege of hosting old clients from various countries. Engaging in deep discussions and collaborations with them, we not only strengthened our cooperative relationships but also reaffirmed our shared goals: mutual support, mutual benefit, growth, and prosperity, as we collectively strive to create brilliance!

As the exhibition drew to a close, we captured a moment together in a group photo, symbolizing our determination and confidence to move forward together. In the new year, we will continue to work hand in hand, providing customers with even higher quality products and services, and collectively crafting a brighter future!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the customers and partners who participated in the exhibition. Let us embark together on this new milestone, as we jointly shape a better tomorrow!