12V 400W Smart Load LED Rainproof Power Supply

400w rainproof power supply

🌟 New Product Announcement 🌟

We are excited to introduce our latest product designed to make your outdoor lighting experience safer and more convenient: the 12V 400W Smart Load LED Rainproof Power Supply! 💡☔

✨ Product Features ✨ 🔹 Smart load function with indicator lights:

  • Green light for normal load, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Red light activates when load exceeds 400W, providing clear overload warning.

🔹 Easily meet your outdoor lighting needs, making your work more efficient!

Whether it’s outdoor billboards, landscape lighting, or other applications, our LED rainproof power supply provides stable and reliable power support. 😊

🛒 Contact us now to learn more details or place an order! Everything is in your hands!

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Website: www.mijiled.com

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