12V 33A Power Supply Rainproof

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  • Power:-  400W
  • Type:-  AC to DC
  • Input Voltage:-  200-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage:-  12VDC
  • Output Current:-  33amp
  • Output voltage: Adjustment Eange: ±10%


  • High quality Switch Power Supply, Widely used in Industrial automation, LED display, etc. With anti-jamming to ensures the long life LED lamps and reduce the LED luminous decay
  • Universal AC input / Full range. The input voltage: AC 220V/240V, the output 12 VOLT
  • Smart device surge protection for Shortage, Overload, Over Voltage
  • Dual input voltage: AC 220V. There is a switch, choose the proper voltage before use
  • 100% full load burn-in test .Cooling by Fan/free air convection.


  • Input wire has to be connected L & N point, if there is an earthing wire then you can also use that.
  • Check whether the led light on.
  • Put v- negative wire at the output point (wire color can be black), then you put positive wire on v+, (the color of the wire can be red)

Connection:- L: FireWire, N: zero line, G: ground wire, – V: load negative, + V: load positive